Invoice Template

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So it’s finally time to charge your client. Feel free to pick one of our proven invoice templates to invoice your client immediately.

If you’re looking for a more professional and a way to bill your client on a recurring basis, then try a free invoice generator below. As always, we are here to help.

Pick Your Free Invoice Template

Below your will find a collection of one of the most popular invoice templates out there today. We highly encourage you to pick something that looks professional, represents your business and it’s easy on the eye.

Invoice Template Word

Microsoft Word templates, just like Excel templates are old but are still in use. most clients prefer getting online invoices just because it’s faster for their accountants to cross it. However if you’re still using a PDF format then Microsoft Word or even Google Docs is a really good way of creating PDF invoices.

Invoice Template Google Docs

With everything on the cloud these days, if you’re not using an online solution for your invoicing needs then Google Docs is the way to go. With Google Docs you can make PDF invoices on the Fly. Here’s a really good example that you can load are open with Google Docs and stop using it right away.

Excel Invoice Template

Now although Excel is not design at all for invoicing oh, some people still use Excel as their main ways of creating an invoice. Here is a classic Excel template that can help you invoice your current client or two however we highly recommend that you fine and all nine web-based solution as it will help your client to process your payment faster. Also I wouldn’t hurt to send a good-looking invoice as well.

Blank Invoice Template

What we absolutely adore about this template it is straight and to the point. the light blue color on it is kind of universal and usually works with pretty much any industry. If you’re in a hurry to invoice your client, than this PDF is for you.

Simple Invoice Template

Here is a very simple invoice template that can help you collect payment from your client almost immediately.

There are no bells and whistles attached this one just all the necessary fields. don’t forget to put your signature on there.

Commercial Invoice Template

If you’re looking to collect payment for commercial Goods commercial invoice is what you need.

Freelance Invoice Template

Nothing is more annoying for a freelancer than getting paid late. Oh boy does that grind our gears too. That’s why it’s essential that you invoice your clients on time.

Even better, negotiate that they pay you on the first of the month before any work is done. Remember business owners get paid before the job, employees get paid faster. Anyways, sometimes you have to do what works for you depending on the situation but eventually, you would want to be here.

Before you sign anything as a freelancer, it’s your job to make sure everything is clear as a whistle before the contract is signed.

Basic Invoice Template

Similar to the simple invoice tattoo earlier, this basic invoice template for the lack of a better term as basic as they come. You simply right in the name, the item or the job or service provided and that’s it.

As you can see the colors on this template are somewhat respective, it has a nice modern look and at the end of the day has all the things you need for the basic invoice.

proforma invoice template

This is a different kind of invoice

Sales Invoice Template

A sales invoice basically refers to selling a physical product. These are the invoices that are used by everyday chops and brick-and-mortar stores. as long as you clearly state the date what you sold and how much she sold it for ( Plus the quantity if it’s necessary), The purpose of a sales invoice is done.

Contractor Invoice Template

Now these are the invoices that you really got to be careful on. There is a lot of pencils in the contracting business and unfortunately a lot of scams as well.

One thing you can do is make sure that your invoicing is correct because as a client or as a contractor you don’t want to be the position or the other party can hold you accountable for something that you may or may not be responsible for.

When working with contractors are working as a contractor you have to be very clear on your work, your deliverables and anything else that clearly identifies the work that has taken place or will take

Business Invoice Template

No depending on each business an invoice can definitely very here. However, a typical business invoice includes the usual Texas. You can’t forget taxes on a business invoice.